Re: [isabelle] Pretty-printing for trees in 2D

On 23/06/18 16:32, Andreas Lochbihler wrote:
> For an Isabelle demo, I'd like to pretty-print a binary tree in a 2D
> layout, say given by the datatype
> datatype tree = Leaf nat | Node tree tree
> The output should be 2-dimensional, e.g., what drawVerticalTree in
> Haskell does:

Incidently, the Isabelle Workshop 2018 at Oxford has a contribution
about a verified tree layout algorithm:

The paper cites this paper from 1996:
(with SML implementation).

There might be better tree layout algorithms now, but I am not an expert
on this. I only recall experts saying that there are different problem

  (1) general graph layout (very difficult)
  (2) DAG layout (difficult)
  (3) tree layout (easy)


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