Re: [isabelle] Pretty-printing for trees in 2D

On 24/06/18 12:43, Manuel Eberl wrote:
> – Automatic rendering of .dot files to PDF and displaying the PDF. This
> would be easy if GraphViz is installed on the machine and if I knew how
> to launch a PDF viewer from Isabelle. But perhaps something better is
> possible.

Generally, only a PIDE front-end (Isabelle/Scala) can display things,
not the back-end (Isabelle/ML). E.g. see the @{doc} antiquotation.

> – Isabelle's GraphView sorts the children of each node ascendingly,
> which means that binary trees are often not printed faithfully. It also
> has very few styling option for the nodes, so the GraphViz output looks
> much nicer.

Both Graphviz and Isabelle Graphview are for DAG layout, not
specifically for trees.

It might be better to integrate a decent tree layout algorithm into
Isabelle/Scala, and thus avoid the usual problems with external tools:
manual tinkering with installation that "works for me" but not for everyone.


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