Re: [isabelle] Pretty-printing for trees in 2D

On 24/06/18 18:00, Manuel Eberl wrote:
> In any case, I do agree that having Isabelle talk to Graphviz is a
> suboptimal solution unless possibly if we want to integrate Graphviz as
> a component (which we probably don't).
> I do think that offering Graphviz code as one possible output format is
> a good idea though; that way people can easily produce PDFs/LaTeX, e.g.
> for slides.

I am still doing Isabelle PDF presentations myself, but the coming
release is hopefully the last one where this is the usual way to do it:
the general plan is to move towards high-quality HTML presentations;
details still need to be determined.

Some weeks ago I actually intended to get something of this into the
Isabelle2018 release, but I have already switched into strict release
mode where only essential things are to be flushed from the pending

While such new things are waiting in the queue, I find myself doing
presentations directly from the Isabelle/jEdit view more and more often.


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