[isabelle] IWC 2018 - 1st Call for Papers

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Is your simpset confluent? ;-)

                           Call for Papers
                               IWC 2018
               7th International Workshop on Confluence

                July 7th, 2018, Oxford, United Kingdom
                      Collocated with FSCD 2018
                          Part of FLoC 2018


Confluence provides a general notion of determinism and is widely
viewed as one of the central properties of rewriting. Confluence
relates to many topics of rewriting (completion, modularity,
termination, commutation, etc.) and has been investigated in many
formalisms of rewriting such as first-order rewriting, lambda-calculi,
higher-order rewriting, constrained rewriting, conditional rewriting,
etc. Recently there is a renewed interest in confluence research,
resulting in new techniques, tool support, certification as well as
new applications.

The International Workshop on Confluence (IWC) aims at promoting
further research in confluence and related properties. IWC 2018 is
collocated with FSCD 2017. Previous editions of the workshop were held
in Nagoya (2012), Eindhoven (2013), Vienna (2014), Berlin (2015),
Obergurgl (2016), and Oxford (2017).

 * submission              Sunday, April 15th, 2018
 * notification            Tuesday, May 15th, 2018
 * final version           Tuesday, May 29th, 2018
 * workshop                Saturday, July 7th, 2018
 (deadlines are AoE)

Specific topics of interest include: 
 * confluence and related properties (unique normal forms, commutation,
   ground confluence)
 * completion
 * critical pair criteria
 * decidability issues
 * complexity issues
 * system descriptions
 * certification
 * applications of confluence


 * Bertram Felgenhauer (University of Innsbruck)
 * Jeroen Ketema (TNO-ESI)
 * Kentaro Kikuchi (Tohoku University)
 * Samuel Mimram (LIX laboratory, École Polytechnique)
 * Julian Nagele (Queen Mary University of London)
 * Jakob Grue Simonsen (University of Copenhagen)

We solicit short papers or extended abstracts of at most five pages.
There will be no formal reviewing. In particular, we welcome short
versions of recently published articles and papers submitted
elsewhere. The program committee checks relevance and may provide
additional feedback. The accepted papers will be made available
electronically before the workshop.

The page limit for papers is 5 pages in EasyChair style. Short papers
or extended abstracts must be submitted electronically through the
EasyChair system at:


EasyChair style:


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