Re: [isabelle] The Isabelle Server: responsive control of prover sessions

> I can't say much about libisabelle: I've read the sources 2-3 times,
> without really understanding how it works and what it does. My general
> impression is that it connects to a raw toplevel environment without
> PIDE document context.

The main purpose of libisabelle is to offer a uniform,
version-independent way to put Isabelle under library control, as
opposed to the usual model of Isabelle controlling other tools. The
features supported are informed by wanting Isabelle (and the AFP) to be
just another JAR file that your application can link to.

If you don't need that, the existing tooling also allows you to manage
Isabelle installations on your local machine, sort of like a package
manager. But that's about it. libisabelle has no notion of networks, nor
does it try to reimplement Isabelle features.


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