Re: [isabelle] (inner?) syntax highlighting of ― ‹...› and ⌦‹...›

Peter Lammich wrote:
> To re-open this thread:
> I also find the missing highlighting of \^cancel comments REALLY
> ANNYOING. In some use-cases, I use commenting out parts of a term a
> lot, and this get's really unreadable now. 
> > RC3 is already too far towards the final version to reconsider this 
> So even if it has been too late for Isabelle2018, please DO consider
> proper highlighting of inner syntax comments.
> For now, I'm back to using the legacy (* ... *) syntax, which, btw, is
> slightly easier to type.

Same here.

However, the legacy syntax has been discontinued in the development
version, so this issue will be important for the next release.



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