Re: [isabelle] Proving Contests (preventing cheating)

> mailing-list anonymous wrote:
> I have to admit that my comment [concerning cheating in an olympiad by
> internet] was written in awkward circumstances and,
> unfortunately, did not convey its intended meaning. Moreover, the comment
> may have sounded slightly aggressive, which also was not my intention.

There is not aggressiveness in pointing out that there are people who cheat
in life: this is the reason why cryptography and security engineering
exist. In one phrase due to the great MILAN KUNDERA: Only animals were not
expelled from Paradise.

mailing-list anonymous wrote:
> Moreover, it is likely to be very uncommon for participants to pay for
> their travel expenses to international olympiads because they are usually
> sponsored by their governments (even participants from less developed
> countries)

You already mentioned the possibility of individual people cheating. Well,
there is the possibility of some governments cheating too. I have many
friends who will start laughing if someone talks about the honesty of their
governments. I do not want to talk about politics. So, I leave it to your

Kind Regards,
José M.

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