Re: [isabelle] Finishing all proofs in use_thy

On 15/11/2018 17:38, Dominique Unruh wrote:
>    - However, in some cases (e.g., a "by" that fails, or a use of "sorry"
>    without quick_and_dirty mode), errors occur inside futures (I think). Then
>    Thy_Info.use_thy will succeed. This is not desired because I want to give
>    an error message when loading fails.

Thy_Info.use_thy should be strict under normal circumstances. Can you
show an example where it succeeds?

Of course it is possible to fabricate some Isabelle/ML snippets that
hides errors in futures, but I suppose you have used regular proof
language elements here (Isar commands and proof methods)?

Another potential source of problems: using Thy_Info.use_thy in
multithreaded user-space Isabelle/ML; it is only for the raw bootstrap
environment when nothing else is running.

> How can I, on the Isabelle/ML level, force all futures involved in a theory
> to finish in order to throw any potential exceptions? (Something like "val
> _ = Thy_Info.use_thy "Draft.Test"; val thy = Thy_Info.get_theory
> "Draft.Test"; val _ = join_theory thy (* This one does not exist *)")

Thy_Info.use_thy should to the full join_theory for you. If it does not,
there is something wrong somewhere.

Note that "ML level" is outdated terminology from 20 years ago. Today we
have two main ML environments:

  (1) Isabelle/ML: this is regular user-space Isabelle/ML (inside a
theory context).

  (2) The ML bootstrap environment (Poly/ML with some add-ons). Normally
only Isabelle system tools use that, but it is also possible do
"isabelle process" invocations, analogously to how "isabelle build".

> I believe this should be possible because the build process does give
> errors when a proof fails, after all, instead of simply storing a failing
> future in the heap image.
> To avoid misunderstandings: I am not working in the bootstrap
> ML-environment, but the proper Isabelle/ML environment.

If you are actually using Thy_Info.use_thy inside regular user-space
Isabelle/ML, this is not going to work. Maybe that is the actual problem

Again the usual questions: What is your greater application context?
What are you trying to do?

The new Isabelle PIDE server might be better for it, but it is still
unused / untested in Isabelle2018. After the release, I have made my own
applications on top of it: to process all of Isabelle + AFP and
overserve resulting theory status and markup. This required some
reworking on the server, and it probably needs more reworking to make it
applicable in even more applications.


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