Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2019-RC0: Fonts look blurry

On 05/04/2019 01:38, Eugene W. Stark wrote:
> I tried to download Isabelle2019-RC0 today, but there was some corruption in the tarball.

The tarball should be OK -- I have tested it once again. Maybe your
download was corrupted. For comparison, here are
SHA256 checksums and byte sizes

> This comment is based on Isabelle_03-Apr-2019.
> I don't normally complain about such things, but yes, the fonts are somewhat blurry.

That is mainly a function of the font renderer by OpenJDK, but it is
only relevant for very low-resolution displays (HD). The quality is
better than before with non-legacy displays (UHD).

> Beyond that, they are exquisitely ugly, especially the extra wide boldface font
> in the Sidekick panel.

The new fonts are based on the well-known DejaVu collection. In
particular, there are now a proper Bold / Italic / BoldItalic fonts, not
just interpolations by fontforge or the fontrenderer.

You can check how it is meant to look by the updated Isabelle/jEdit

On my regular UHD display, the 2019 versions looks very good, and the
2018 version looks tolerable, but somewhat bad. On an old HD display
both look bad in different ways.


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