Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2019-RC0: Fonts look blurry

On 05/04/2019 15:30, Eugene W. Stark wrote:
> I would not consider the 2560x1440 display I am using to be a very low-resolution
> legacy display and the quality is noticeably worse, so indeed relevant.

I used to have such an Apple Cinema display (30") in my office: that was
very expensive in its time, but is now legacy concerning the resolution.
Of course, if you have that many pixel on 15" it should be fine. (Some
Isabelle user showed me such a laptop a few month ago, and the
Isabelle/jEdit rendering was quite good.)

> What I see does not show any large differences to the screenshots you posted.
> I strongly dislike the boldfaced keywords in the Sidekick panel -- they are
> too bold and too wide.  The line spacing in that panel is also quite crowded,
> IMHO.  I prefer the Isabelle 2018 Sidekick to this one by quite a lot.

Sorry, I cannot follow this. The Sidekick GUI was really bad in
Isabelle2018, especially on macOS. Now it is mostly fine: it looks
better and uses its space better.

> The line spacing in the main edit panel also appears slightly crowded, to my eye.
> I don't know if it is just the difference in the font, or whether the line
> spacing was actually reduced.  I can tolerate that, but so far I don't like it.

For the main text area you merely need to adjust
options.textarea.lineSpacing to whatever you prefer: see also "Global
Options / Text Area / Extra vertical line spacing".

The old IsabelleText font was a bit too high, so its default used to be
negative. Now it is at 1px.

Note that it is mainly a matter of getting used to the normal line
height of DejaVu: current displays have less height to waste than in the
past, so I would not deviate too much from its default.


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