Re: [isabelle] New release, fonts

On 05/04/2019 19:38, John F. Hughes wrote:
> If your chosen font/renderer makes things appear ugly to folks, and they
> tell you so, then your pre-release testing is a *success*: you're getting
> useful feedback (which is a precious resource). As someone with a bit of
> experience in graphics and UIs, I'd advise you to not ignore or dismiss it
> *if* you care about the graphics and UI. Feel free, of course, to ignore
> me. I suspect that this is not your top concern in an otherwise very
> impressive project.

The "your" cannot mean me, because I am neither responsible for the Java
font-renderer nor for the DejaVu fonts.

I am merely responsible for selecting the best non-legacy technologies
that I could find. If there are even better ones, I will pick them.


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