Re: [isabelle] New release, fonts

On 05/04/2019 19:38, John F. Hughes wrote:
> I'm using
> a QHD-wide "27 inch" display, and the new fonts look blurry, and also look
> as if they're mostly bold; almost all text resembles the old bolded-keyword
> look. Just to be sure it wasn't merely the display, I looked at the same
> thing on my MacBook's 15" display --- same results.) The new bold keywords
> are even more bold

These obersvations are explained in Isabelle2019-RC0/NEWS as follows:

* The font collection "Isabelle DejaVu" is systematically derived from
the existing "DejaVu" fonts ...
The line metrics and overall rendering quality is closer to original DejaVu.

The old Java renderer produced fonts that were too thin, with the
notable exception for 18px. The new one is much better in that respect:
even 12, 14, 16 etc. come out as intended by the DejaVu designers.


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