Re: [isabelle] Nitpick/Quickcheck Domain

I see.

Perhaps You or Mr.Blanchette could help me by recommending / forwarding the
question to someone?

It would also be interesting to learn more about the following related but
unanswered old question of John Matthews:

Thank You!

On Sat, Apr 6, 2019 at 6:54 AM Thiemann, René <Rene.Thiemann at>

> Hi Rei,
> > "Datatype" as Keyword works.
> > The question is, how do we get quickcheck and nitpick to work with the
> Domain-Keyword of HOLCF.
> Ah, now I understand that you are referring to HOLCF.
> Sorry, I don’t know the internals of HOLCF’s “domain” and how to connect
> it with quickcheck/nitpick.
> René

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