Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2019-RC0: Improved "Isabelle DejaVu" font collection, suitable for text and GUI

On 04/06/2019 08:55 AM, Makarius wrote:
> I cannot really
> believe that anybody is still using non-UHD for non-Java things.

Maybe you should take an interest in the users and in whether "anybody 
is still using non-UHD for non-Java things".

To assist you the first reference my quick internet search found is,5699.html
entitled "How to Choose a PC Monitor: A 2019 Guide".

Its table of monitor resolutions and what they are called lists 5 
resolutions below UHD.  Of these the second bottom one is 1920x1080.
Earlier in the article it says "1920x1080, also known as 1080p / Full HD 
(FHD) / HD, is the minimum you need".  Ie there are four resolutions 
equal to or better than its suggested minimum, but below UHD.

Right now I'm looking at a display that is 1366x768.  Not what I prefer 
to use, but it's what I have when I go travelling.  And it (ie the 
display as well as the whole machine - CPU, RAM and all) is fine for 
using Coq and it's fine for using HOL4 and in fact it's adequate if not 
ideal for everything I want to do with it - but it's not much good for 
using recent versions of Isabelle.  And you shouldn't blame the users 
for that


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