Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2019-RC0: Improved "Isabelle DejaVu" font collection, suitable for text and GUI

On 06/04/2019 15:26, Denis Nikiforov wrote:
> Maybe this problem is not related to the font. Please take a look at my
> screenshot:  ;
> I made it on Windows 10 with font scaling set to 125% on the system level.
> As you can see icons are big and blurry in Isabelle HOL 2019. Also the
> font size is larger.
> I guess that it looks blurry because of broken font scaling or dpi settings.
> Maybe Isabelle_01-Apr-2019.exe.manifest file is ignored.

Thanks for the hint, I will do some more investigations on Windows 10.
Java 11 does the desktop application integration quite differently from
old Java 8, and there is further potential for problems -- both on
Windows and macOS. I see some other oddities on both platforms that are
absent on Linux, maybe it is due to the builtin scaling as you say.

The slight blur of font-rendering is uniform on all platforms, though.
It is how the OpenJDK font render works (for many years already). Thus
it provides good quality of rendering on good displays, and bad quality
of rendering on bad displays. (The various screenshots of
Isabelle2019-RC0 that have been sent in do mostly look good on my
high-end UHD display that is worth 250 EUR.)

BTW, today I have attended a local conference on Linux and Open-Source:
there was an expert on the KDE desktop environment, one of the guys who
are said to be perfectionistic about visual appearance. He was quite
pleased with the quality of Isabelle2019-RC0 on his full-HD widescreen:
it was old-style but of good quality. Of course, he had a proper UHD
display at home, but was using the old one on the show.

He also agreed with me on imposing DejaVu Sans (not Mono Sans) on the
GUI elements: almost anything apart from the main text area and its
derivates. (And that fine point was actually following the existing
Java/Swing GUI defaults.)

After switching OpenJDK 11 to the GTK+ look-and-feel, he was really
delighted: KDE provides a perfect imitation of itself to the GTK
libraries, so an old-style Swing application looks really great afterwards.


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