Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2019-RC0: Improved "Isabelle DejaVu" font collection, suitable for text and GUI

On 05/04/2019 22:54, Makarius wrote:
> Nonetheless, very nostalgic users may still do their own private
> tinkering to return to Java 8 -- even with the old "IsabelleText" font
> with its various flaws. I will not support this, though. Big companies
> normally provide expensive support plans for continued support of legacy
> technologies, but I am not doing this.

In the meantime, I did most of the work for such a retro-computing
project, see the Isabelle/jEdit manual (changset b718a64d0d09):

  ▪ Problem: Font-rendering in Java 11 (OpenJDK) is worse than Java 8
  (by Oracle) on low-quality displays.

  Workaround: Find an old copy of Java 8 from Oracle (which has
  ``end-of-live'' status since Jan-2019) and refer to its main directory
via ISABELLE_JDK_HOME="..." in $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/settings. Also
add isabelle_fonts_hints=false to $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/preferences to
avoid problems of the old
  font renderer with hinting.

Looking at the Oracle website for Java 8, there is first a big red
warning sign that it is officially at its end-of-live. Poking around a
bit further, one gets the impression that Oracle will provide some
rudimentary security updates for some time to come, for the sake of
corporate users that are still stuck with the old version. (One of these
versions already warn about potential problems with GTK look-and-feel.)

For my part, I don't want to see Java 8 again. I have seen enough
technical problems of Java 8 on high-end server hardware in the past
6-12 months. And the font-rendering of OpenJDK 11 is so much better on
current displays.


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