Re: [isabelle] Engineering Workstation for Isabelle

Hi Makarius,

Thanks for sharing your fantastic setup!

> On 6 Apr 2019, at 23:03, Makarius <makarius at> wrote:
> The CPU is very fast and very hot, only the Intel i9-9900K model is even
> hotter (Intel tries to compete with AMD again.) It means that running 8
> cores in full turbo mode consumes a lot of power and makes quite some
> fan noise: so I have switched off the turbo in the BIOS and only use it
> in regular 3.6GHz mode;

If noise is a concern, it might be worth devoting a little to the cooler & the case. My personal PC is with a 9700k CPU and a 2080ti GPU (which I believe is much hotter than GT 1030, but it is quite handy when playing around with neural networks). The CPU cooler I use is Dark Rock Pro 4 and the case is Fractal Design Define S2 Mid Tower, both of which are meant for quietness. Though I haven’t properly measured the noise level, I can say it is totally tolerable even when both CPU and GPU are 100% loaded — the CPU cooler is advertised to only have 24.3dB noise even at 100% PWM fan speed. 

In addition, I believe better thermal paste (e.g. Thermal Grizzly) can help with the noise. I only used the paste that came with my cooler: since the noise level is already pretty good, I didn’t upgrade the paste to reduce it further.



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