Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2019-RC0: Improved "Isabelle DejaVu" font collection, suitable for text and GUI

On 07/04/2019 15:43, Nemouchi Yakoub wrote:
> What is the problem with having 2 jEdit front ends for PIDE with two
> different technologies and see which one is the most downloaded by users?

There is de-facto only one person doing all the system integration and
maintenance. It belongs to my strategy to support only one thing, and
that at a very high quality. Thus I can save a factor 10 of resources.

> I think advising student from a country like Algeria to buy hardware for
> 1600 Eur is a joke.
> And not all students are interested nor have the time to hook-up PIDE to
> different front-ends to correctly use Isabelle.

1600 EUR was for my own high-end machine, and that is
ridiculously cheap for a professional working environment.
That example was to demonstrate that you don't have to invest 6000 EUR
for an iMacPro to get the same category of Engineering Workstation.

This thread was mainly about proper display technology: you can get that
easily for 350 EUR (graphics card + monitor).

Overall you probably need 800-1000 EUR for hardware to do serious
Isabelle applications.

We also need to be realistic that Formal Mathematics is a luxory of
well-educated people (not necessarily rich) -- uneducated people don't
know about the importance to invest in proper equipment.


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