Re: [isabelle] Isabelle and Vim

On 08/04/2019 11:20, Mathias Fleury wrote:
> I have a patch to add the overview (attached the version for Isabelle2018*). It requires a change in the plugin and in the Isabelle server. Basically apply the patch in the Isabelle repo, compile and install the plugin, and run VSCode with it.

> * I have a patch for the Isabelle-dev, but I have not heard back from
Makarius yet.

I have seen your add-ons to Isabelle/VSCode already some months ago on
the Net, before you've sent me a private mail recently.

It is definitely important to do something here, and I marked it on my
TODO list as something to be inspected for the Isabelle2019.

It's just that I did not manage to get back to Isabelle/VSCode yet:
there are still pending problems with more fundamental infrastructure
that has higher priority (final polishing on polyml-5.8 in particular).

>> My only pain point is currently that the pretty symbols plugin is sometimes very slow. 
> Out of curiosity, are you impacted by <>? I opened that issue and decided some times later that the plugin was too buggy to be usable, especially on large files. 

This project has not seen activity in approx. 1 year.

Generally, my impression is that the approach should be as in
Isabelle/jEdit: actual replacement of symbols when source is loaded, and
the reverse operation for saving. It will require more tinkering with
VSCode, though, and this is definitely not going to happen for the
Isabelle2019 release.


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