[isabelle] Permissions issue with document preparation


I feel like this might be more of a Linux issue than an Isabelle one, but
maybe someone can give me advice anyway.

Recently when I try and carry out document preparation with Isabelle I get
a permission-related error, as follows:

$ ~/Isabelle2018/bin/isabelle document -d generated/document -o pdf -n

/tmp/isabelle-daniel/bash_script2399141179650865402: line 1: ./build:
Permission denied
Failed to build document in "/home/daniel/isabelle/generated/document"

The same problem occurs if I run the command as root, and whether or not
this document command is run automatically as part of an "isabelle build"
command or manually by me.

I have previously built documents in this way and not had this issue. Does
anyone know what could be causing this to happen now?

Thanks for your help!


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