Re: [isabelle] Permissions issue with document preparation

On 18/04/2019 13:27, Daniel Marshall wrote:
> I feel like this might be more of a Linux issue than an Isabelle one, but
> maybe someone can give me advice anyway.
> Recently when I try and carry out document preparation with Isabelle I get
> a permission-related error, as follows:
> $ ~/Isabelle2018/bin/isabelle document -d generated/document -o pdf -n
> document
> /tmp/isabelle-daniel/bash_script2399141179650865402: line 1: ./build:
> Permission denied
> Failed to build document in "/home/daniel/isabelle/generated/document"

I would say you merely need a "chmod +x" on your ./build script, without
the original document directory; an probably also clean the generated
directory before re-generating everything.


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