Re: [isabelle] Win32 installation

On 25/04/2019 03:45, Chidi Okonkwo wrote:
> Good day. Please I am finding it difficult to get the installation pack for
> widows 32 I can only get the 64 bit version which does not instal on 32 bit
> version.

The old x86 32bit platform is being phased out: all new hardware has
been routinely 64bit in the past 5 years (or more), and operating
systems are about to discontinue 32bit applications. Also note that
32bit has a hard limit of approx. 3.5 GB memory, but Isabelle requires a
bit more than that.

Nonetheless, you can go back to an older Isabelle release where 32bit
Windows was still supported and make some small experiments with it,
e.g. see

If you only have old hardware and cannot replace that easily, I
recommend to delete Windows and install a version of Linux specifically
for low resources, e.g. see -- Linux is more
efficient than Windows in the use of limited resources.

Your CPU might be actually 64bit and you can use current 64bit Linux
with current 64bit Isabelle. But a minimum of 4 GB memory is still
required, better 8 GB: you can buy extra memory rather cheaply for old


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