Re: [isabelle] Export files generated by code_export to hard drive

> Just out of curiosity: What happens with the content of the global
> ~/output_hs directory? Is it just for information, our do other tools
> take over the content?

I have use-cases where other tools, like the MlTon compiler or LLVM,
shall take over. They then compile the generated code together with
some other (non-generated) source file.

And I also need to integrate the Isabelle code generator into a larger
build-process controlled by a Makefile/build-script.

How do I do that sort of stuff with the new code generator? 

* Is there an Isabelle command line tool to "export" the generated
files from Isabelle to the real file system? 

* Max solution has a hard-coded target directory. This is highly non-
portable. How to export the files to a directory that is determined by
my build-script/Makefile?

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