Re: [isabelle] Isabelle server: Using JSON to request that a top level command is modified

On 15/07/2019 11:52, Yakoub Nemouchi wrote:
> I thought that Isabelle server is the future for developing Isabelle
> apps in a very clean way.
> But, if it does not support all the features of PIDE protocol, it does
> not make sens to me to use it now!
> Maybe it is too early to start using it.
> Any further development in the future for Isabelle server or it is meant
> for something else?

Have you studied the documentation ("system" manual chapter 4)?

The server does support full PIDE, but presents it in a more
conventional way, with a directory of your choice as local scratchpad.
The main PIDE application (Isabelle/jEdit) does that on its own account,
using the builtin file-system view of the jEdit text editor (which is by
itself not an IDE).

> I have one more question, will the usage of the non fine grained command
> "use_theories" affect the the performance of the application?

It depends how you do it. You can present the server updated files and
repeated use_theories protocol commands. The headless PIDE session
should do the right thing about it, i.e. derive edits from the implicit
change of files and re-check what needs to be re-checked, in the same


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