Re: [isabelle] Apple benchmarks

On 19/07/2019 12:54, Lawrence Paulson wrote:
> For the benefit of people who prefer Apple equipment, I thought I’d share some benchmarks for my new iMac. This is the 27 inch model upgraded with i9 processors and with 32 GB of memory.
> Cheaper alternatives within the Apple world include the Mac Mini (the latest incarnation is remarkably powerful) and the 2013 Mac Pro, which I see selling on eBay for quite a reasonable price.
> Larry Paulson

If anyone with apple hardware has access to VMware, it might be
interesting to compare the speed of the native implementation with that
running under a linux virtual machine.

A few years ago I did some (unrelated) cpu-heavy benchmarking, and found
that my test ran significantly faster in a debian vm under vmware fusion
3 than the native macos version. I was pretty shocked by this, as I'd
assumed the overhead of the VM software would slow things down, but
somehow the opposite happened.



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