Re: [isabelle] A more adequate workaround for jEdit scaling on hidpi / high resolution

On 24/07/2019 09:49, Johannes Choo wrote:
> The setting is incompatible with GTK+ look and feel since inherited UI
> elements and settings seem to be scaled twice.
> With regard to the Cancel button, it seems to be a very edge case:
> increasing the point size from 12 -> 13 using the Isabelle fonts without
> the scaling setting gives the same defective "Can..." result, and
> decreasing the point size 12 -> 11 using the Isabelle fonts with scaling
> resolves the issue. Using the default Dialog font for standalone jEdit
> in the usual 12 points does not seem to result this defect under scaling.

I have briefly experimented with the "Can..." problem in the following
variations (without any improvement):

  * latest jdk-12.0.2+10 from

  * button font "DejaVu Sans" instead of "Isabelle DejaVu Sans" (12px)

This also means that the problem is not introduced by the home-made
"Isabelle DejaVu Sans" font: that is important to have proper Isabelle
symboles uniformly in the GUI everywhere.


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