Re: [isabelle] A more adequate workaround for jEdit scaling on hidpi / high resolution

I don't think it's specifically the font either. My primary suspicion is
that there is some small incompatibility between the process by which the
UI elements are scaled and that by which the fonts are scaled (by the java

UI elements seem to be scaled by a raster method or by making each pixel of
the image twice wide. Fonts are scaled by a different process so that they
remain smooth on HiDPI. It may be the case that hinting and other systems
makes the scaled font have slightly different dimensions than a naive 2x of
the original size. Then, DejaVu Sans sits in an unfortunate spot where
these slightly different dimensions are significant.

On Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 5:53 PM Makarius <makarius at> wrote:

> On 24/07/2019 09:49, Johannes Choo wrote:
> >
> > The setting is incompatible with GTK+ look and feel since inherited UI
> > elements and settings seem to be scaled twice.
> >
> > With regard to the Cancel button, it seems to be a very edge case:
> > increasing the point size from 12 -> 13 using the Isabelle fonts without
> > the scaling setting gives the same defective "Can..." result, and
> > decreasing the point size 12 -> 11 using the Isabelle fonts with scaling
> > resolves the issue. Using the default Dialog font for standalone jEdit
> > in the usual 12 points does not seem to result this defect under scaling.
> I have briefly experimented with the "Can..." problem in the following
> variations (without any improvement):
>   * latest jdk-12.0.2+10 from
>   * button font "DejaVu Sans" instead of "Isabelle DejaVu Sans" (12px)
> This also means that the problem is not introduced by the home-made
> "Isabelle DejaVu Sans" font: that is important to have proper Isabelle
> symboles uniformly in the GUI everywhere.
>         Makarius


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