Re: [isabelle] Meta: replying to the existing threads in "The Cl-isabelle-users Archives"


The following Stack Exchange post might help.

See the first answer for why matching the subject line doesn't ensure



On Sun, 28 Jul 2019 at 14:05, mailing-list anonymous <
mailing.list.anonymous at> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I have a meta-question on the subject of the correct way to reply to the
> threads in the mailing list. Usually, when replying, I copy the subject of
> the thread from the archives of the mailing list (
> and state it as the
> subject in my reply, with 'Re: ' appended at the beginning of the subject
> line. Furthermore, I quote some elements of the original message. However,
> from time to time, my replies appear as explicit new threads in "The
> Cl-isabelle-users Archives". If possible, I would like to understand how
> can I ensure that my replies are posted in the intended thread in the
> archives?
> Thank you
> --
> Please accept my apologies for posting anonymously. This is done to protect
> my privacy. I can make my identity and my real contact details available
> upon request in private communication under the condition that they are not
> to be mentioned on the mailing list.

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