Re: [isabelle] Slow startup if AFP in ROOTS


On Mon, Jul 29, 2019 at 03:09:53PM +0200, Joshua Chen wrote:
> Is there any way to alleviate this for the moment? Or will I just have
> to accept long startup times whenever I need to work with the AFP?

as a work-around, you can only include the AFP entries (transitively, i.e., 
including their dependencies) that you actually need. Just include the 
folders of the entries into your main ROOTS file. 

While this is less convenient, it speeds up the starting time significantly.
My current projects require, in total, around ten AFP entries and including
all of them in my $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/ROOTS file does not slow down the 
start of Isabelle significantly, while allowing me to work "as if I would have
included the whole AFP".


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