Re: [isabelle] Creating Theorems in ML

Hi Reto,

> thanks a lot for your pointers. I've managed to create a few theorems -- with the sorry goal for now.
> When I try to construct a datatype defined in HOL, I've got an undefined constant error in ML.
> What's the best approach in defining data types for the interoperability between HOL and ML?
> How can they be referred to directly?
> Scratch.thy:
>  datatype Foo = Bar string
> myml.ML:
>  ? Scratch.Bar "hello"

I have no idea what your overall application is, but I would infer from
your question »as it is« that it aims towards how to interface between
code generated from HOL and Isabelle/ML.

There is already substantial support for that use case, see particulary
the antiquotations @{code …} and various @{computation* …}.  See the
tutorial on code generation for details.

Note that if you are interested to generate native Isabelle/ML strings
you should adhere to type String.literal rather than string (the details
are delicate due to different notions of »string« in different target

Hope this helps in the next steps,

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