Re: [isabelle] JEdit plugin error while loading Isabelle

On 04/03/2019 14:37, Rodrigo Raya wrote:
> I have encountered a problem with the Isabelle-jEdit plugin while
> starting Isabelle. Basically, the problem occurs after unplugging the
> computer before it is completely switched off. As a result I can no
> longer work in Isabelle.
> The problem has been posted on StackOverflow for four months (it
> happened already with a previous machine) and hasn't received an answer:

The error from over there was:

    The following plugin could not be loaded:


    Cannot start:

    *** [line 1 of "preferences"] error: bad input

This indicates that your $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/preferences file is in
a bad state: the file is written each time Isabelle/jEdit shuts down,
and switching off the computer in the middle might have corrupted it.

You can try to repair or delete that file. The location of
$ISABELLE_HOME_USER on Windows is usually something like

BTW, my understanding of StackOverflow is to collect generally
interesting questions with substantial answers, not so much "please help
me with my accidental problem".


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