Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2019-RC1 release file names

For Isabelle2019, build_release now happens in Isabelle/Scala without
odd shell scripts and intermediate archives. The app bundles have become much larger (due to Java 11 and bundled HOL image), so I wanted to avoid
redundant copies of material.

Do we have a space problem on the servers?

In Isabelle2019-RC1 the situation of app bundles is as follows, together with subsequent tool invocations to get the directory content in batch mode.

Just like you I'm trying to stay within Scala as much as possible, without having to resort to command-line tools, whose presence I cannot assume. I currently only have to care about Gzip. Newer Apache Commons Compress versions may also support Xz and that odd Windows EXE format, but I haven't tried that out yet.

Recall that on Windows, the first invocation of Isabelle_System.init()
will update file permissions and symlinks via Cygwin.init(). For a
read-only installation, this needs to be done once after unpacking.

isabellectl takes care of that. So far it worked with very little problems on Windows, using a uniform extraction mechanism from the tarball.

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