Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2019-RC1 release file names

On 07/05/2019 09:37, Makarius wrote:
> For Isabelle2019, build_release now happens in Isabelle/Scala without
> odd shell scripts and intermediate archives. The app bundles have become
> much larger (due to Java 11 and bundled HOL image), so I wanted to avoid
> redundant copies of material. I have also started to experiment with xz
> instead of gz: infortunately, macOS seems to lack xz by default; in
> further testing we might see reasons to switch linux back to gz, too.

Linux and macOS are now both back to gz, since xz is too slow and
cumbersome, see

>   * windows:
>     7z x Isabelle2019-RC1.exe

This still works: you could bundle 7z.exe to make it self-contained.

An alternative is to use the self-extractor with option -ai (and
probably -gm2) as explained in

This requires an updated version of Isabelle.exe according to -- in approx.
2h there should be a new version at

One remaining question is how to do it robustly in a headless
environment. With the Cygwin ssh server on Windows, I managed like this:

  run -wait ./Isabelle_09-May-2019.exe -ai -gm2

Without that, the Java splash screen could cause problems, but I don't
know how to disable that without creating an alternative executable --
which is definitely beyond the present ambition on such rare
applications of batch-mode installation.


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