Re: [isabelle] Isabelle2019-RC1 release file names

Anyway, I've never quite understood the purpose of isabellectl. If I
had, I would probably have assimilated its functionality into the
regular Isabelle distribution. There is this principle that Isabelle is
the "center of the Isabelle universe" and it controls itself.

To quote your latest CICM paper:

The “download–unpack–run” experience of Isabelle/PIDE needs fine-tuning for first-time users. In particular, AFP needs to be included in this, to avoid manual intervention with session ROOTS and ROOT files.

isabellectl has been providing just that experience for many years now.

The big advantage is that isabellectl is decidedly not part of the Isabelle, which means it can bootstrap various Isabelle distributions (up to 2018, after which you changed the packaging format) assuming any JRE installation.

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