Re: [isabelle] Fwd: Question about Type Theory behind Isabelle

On 30/09/2019 21:48, Georgy Dunaev wrote:
> I've read Stefan Berghofer's paper
> ,
> it has great calculus on page 7.

A more up-to-date version (with more explanations and references) is the
"implementation" manual, chapter 2 "Primitive Logic". (E.g. see the
Documentation panel in Isabelle/jEdit).

> 3) And last, most important: please explain the rule with sigma from that
> calculus.
> What is $\Sigma(c) [\vec{\tau}_n / \vec{\alpha}_n] $. ?  What does it mean?
> Sigma is greek so it is a set of predicate variables.... I don't understand
> meaning of the formula "any set of terms which depend on proof(!) constant
> with any amount of types instead of atomic types". What does it mean?

That is the "axiom" rule in the above document; see also page 74 (top):

   The axiomatization of a theory is implicitly closed by forming all
instances of type and term variables

The consequence are admissible type-instantiation rules, also explained
in that section.

> Could someone clarify this whole constants' mechanism?

In the context of proof terms, "constants" are often "theorem" constants
(axioms or proven theorems). Plain term constants are also possible.


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