Re: [isabelle] Custom inner syntax parsing in ML.

>> The otherwise very great tutorial at https://
>> is unfortunately still lacking
>> information on parse translations and generally on intervening on the inner
>> syntax parsing process - in fact I'm considering to contribute to it once my
>> own project is done.
>That document is "fan-fiction". In its early years, I tried to
>contribute to it and rectify its somewhat misleading approach at
>"Isabelle system hacking", but I've given up on it long ago.

Thanks for the praise from everybody....I would have interpreted "darkfic"
as criticism. ;o)

Anyway, if anybody likes to contribute "fix-fic" [*], you download the sources, make
changes and send back the diffs. Norbert Schirmer did this recently by getting
the fan-fiction back into a compilable state with Isabelle 2019. All praise to him!

Best wishes,


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