[isabelle] Isabelle 2019 on macOS Catalina

Dear all,

those of you who have already updated to macOS Catalina might encounter the following problem:

- Starting Isabelle2019 is no longer permitted because it is not from a “verified developer”.
- The CTRL-open solution (still trust this app), is no longer available, instead one can now
  move Isabelle2019 to the trash.

So, here is what worked on my machine:

1) disable security checking
sudo spctl --master-disable

2) Start Isabelle 
isabelle jedit

3) reenable security checking
sudo spctl --master-enable

4) starting Isabelle still works

I don’t know whether there are better solutions to the problem, 
but perhaps this is useful for some of you.


PS: I did not yet test, whether other tools like z3, yices, etc. all work properly.
PPS: There was no problem with using a self-compiled Isabelle from the development-repository.

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