Re: [isabelle] Nominal2 fails on Datatypes with Lists

Hi, Christian!

So did I get this correctly that Nominal2 isn’t further developed

By the way, is the restriction that values of a nominal data type may
not contain functions also in place in Nominal2?

All the best,

Am Donnerstag, den 17.10.2019, 12:35 +0000 schrieb Urban, Christian:
> Hi Wolfgang,
> Is Nominal2 somehow production-ready?
> This depends on your point of view. ;o) It is certainly true that it
> quite rough and not all features are implemented. And it was aeons ago
> I have done things with it. But at the same time people have found it
> useful and have used it in interesting formalisations, for example
> It really depends on what your point of view is and what you want to
> do.
> Christian
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> Hi, Christian!
> Is Nominal2 somehow production-ready? From its website I got the
> impression that it had been developed only half-way and then
> development had halted.
> All the best,
> Wolfgang

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