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Hi Huub,

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    Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Replace the \equiv with an equality and add more parentheses, like so:

theory Scratch
  imports Main

typedecl w
type_synonym wo = ‹w ⇒ bool›
type_synonym agent = ‹nat›

  reason_to_believe :: ‹agent ⇒ wo ⇒ wo› ("ℛ")

primrec shared_reason_to_believe :: ‹agent ⇒ wo ⇒ wo› ("𝒮ℛ") where
  ‹shared_reason_to_believe 0 p w = (∀i. ℛ i p w)› |
  ‹shared_reason_to_believe (Suc n) p w = (∀i. ℛ i (𝒮ℛ n p) w)›



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