[isabelle] New AFP entry: VerifyThis 2019 -- Polished Isabelle Solutions

VerifyThis 2019 -- Polished Isabelle Solutions

Peter Lammich and Simon Wimmer

VerifyThis 2019 (http://www.pm.inf.ethz.ch/research/verifythis.html) was a program verification competition associated with ETAPS 2019. It was the 8th event in the VerifyThis competition series. In this entry, we present polished and completed versions of our solutions that we created during the competition.


- The above VerifyThis URL leads to a page about VerifyThis 2020. Via Archive you should be able to access VerifyThis 2019, but it has gone missing. The maintainer has been informed.
- Peter and Simon actually won in the Overall Best Team category.

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