Re: [isabelle] New in the AFP: Sigma Protocols and Commitment Schemes

On 08/10/2019 14:04, Peter Lammich wrote:
>> Incidentally, you might want to take look at the session graph:
> The theories it imports DO NOT depend on the Refinement Framework (I
> invested some work here to make the abstract network flow theory
> independent from the implementation). Nevertheless, the theory graph
> contains everything used by any theory in EdmondsKarp_Maxflow, so is
> not particularly precise here.
> Does this indicate a problem with the theory graph generation, or a
> problem with the session setup in the Edmonds-Karp AFP entry?

Concerning the session graph display: there is always a bit of
variability in what to show and what to hide; included is a trimmed-down
version according to Isabelle/79d23e6436d0.


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