Re: [isabelle] Question about "isabelle scala"

Hi Xingyuan,

If I recall correctly, this is actually a more general problem with the Scala interpreter, independent of Isabelle, and reproducible under Linux and macOS as well. I think the work around is to prefix execution with rlwrap. I was never clear why the Scala devs did not fix this upstream, but maybe they have and my recollections are out of date.


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> Dear Isabelle Users,
> We I started the scala interpreter using:
> isabelle scala
> from the Cygwin-Termin.bat under Isabelle/VS Code, the Backspace key did not
> work. When I typed Backspace to remove the character just typed in, it shows
> something like:
> ?[K
> And all the arrow keys did not work neither.
> I will be very grateful if anybody can give some help.
> Xingyuan

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