Re: [isabelle] New AFP Feature: LaTeX formulae in abstracts

On 09/05/2020 11:44, Manuel Eberl wrote:
> My personal opinion is that all these JavaScript-based solutions are
> suboptimal because 1. they rely on JavaScript and 2. it takes a while
> for the formulae to be rendered. A much better option would be
> delivering them as MathML directly (which the AFP sitegen could produce
> from the LaTeX statically), but unfortunately, very few browsers support
> MathML well. So I fear MathJax etc. is the best solution for now.

MathML is one of these technologies that "are continuously coming" and never
arrive. I still remember it from approx. 1992:

I wonder if there is a framework for mathematical documents that is a bit more
high-level, that we don't have to it again from basic principles.

Recently, someone pointed at but it looks fairly
old-school at first sight.

In contrast, the really fancy things appear to be mostly based on JavaScript


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