Re: [isabelle] New AFP Feature: LaTeX formulae in abstracts

On 09/05/2020 11:56, Makarius wrote:
> MathML is one of these technologies that "are continuously coming" and never
> arrive. I still remember it from approx. 1992:

My impression was that it's already there. Firefox supports it extremely
well (that's why MathJax outputs MathML for Firefox). Safari's support
on the other hand is still not great, last I heard.

The other two big players, Google and Microsoft, decided not to support
it at all. Presumably such small companies simply do not have the
resources for such an endeavour.

As always, the best standards are useless if the dominant players
(Google especially) are against them.

(MathML is of course extremely verbose and can hardly be considered an
input format. But that's not really an issue, given that you can compile
to it – which is what MathJax already does. I just think it should
happen statically and not on the client every time you load the web page.)


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