Re: [isabelle] New AFP Feature: LaTeX formulae in abstracts

On 09/05/2020 12:07, Manuel Eberl wrote:
> On 09/05/2020 11:56, Makarius wrote:
>> MathML is one of these technologies that "are continuously coming" and never
>> arrive. I still remember it from approx. 1992:
> My impression was that it's already there. Firefox supports it extremely
> well (that's why MathJax outputs MathML for Firefox). Safari's support
> on the other hand is still not great, last I heard.
> The other two big players, Google and Microsoft, decided not to support
> it at all. Presumably such small companies simply do not have the
> resources for such an endeavour.
> As always, the best standards are useless if the dominant players
> (Google especially) are against them.

I am myself an old-fashioned Firefox user, although we see a gradual
monopolization towards Chromium.

Even MicroSoft Edge is following that:

VSCode already has Chromium at the bottom.

The java-cef project promises to embed Chromium into a regular Java GUI

So there might be an indication, that everything could converge to the
Chromium rendering platform rather soon. But as usual, it requires careful
research of the technology / sociology / ideology.


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