Re: [isabelle] Question about "isabelle scala"

At 2020-05-09 19:19:17, "Makarius" <makarius at> wrote:
>On 08/05/2020 06:41, Xingyuan Zhang wrote:

>Does it mean that you are using the VSCode terminal to run
>Isabelle2020/Cygwin-Terminal.bat ? Does that contuinue in the VSCode window,
>or open a different console window?

Yes. I am using the VSCode terminal to run Isabelle2020/Cygwin-Terminal.bat. It does not open a different console window,  and is working in the same terminal window, but the shell is changed from Windows's PS shell to a bash of Cygwin.

>Note that "isabelle scala" merely invokes the regular "scala" tool with some
>additions to the environment. The Scala guys are using jline-2.14.6 for the
>command-line interaction. That always had problems with various Windows
>terminals, as far as I can remember.
>It does work reliably on Linux and macOS, though --- I often use it for
>low-level Isabelle/Scala experiments.

I want to do similar things, but preferably in Isabelle/VS Code, because I like it's lightweight. 
Unfortunately, the Backspace and arrow keys does not work under Windows/Cygwin. 
I hope the problem can be solved by some simple configuration change. But I can not find any hint on this issue. 

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