[isabelle] make Isabelle accessible?

Dear educators in the Isabelle community,

Despite substantial progress over recent years, access to higher
mathematics is still a non-trivial challenge for blind individuals.

For understandable reasons, Isabelle and similar software is not
accessible. However, accessibility seems in reach, because
Isabelle/jEdit could use theJava Access Bridge [1] and Isabelle/VSCode
could benefit from respective accessibility features [2]. And there are
plans for further development [3,4], which could be in line with
establishing accessibility.

Is there somebody in the community, who would be interested to
collaborate with IIS [5] in investigating possibilities to make Isabelle
accessible eventually?


[1] https://docs.oracle.com/javase/accessbridge/2.0.2/introduction.htm
[2] https://vscode-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/editor/accessibility/
[3] Makarius Wenzel, Interaction with Formal Mathematical Documents in
Isabelle/PIDE, 2019. §3.Aims and Approaches of Isabelle/PIDE.
[4] Makarius Wenzel, Further Scaling of Isabelle Technology, 2018.
§3.3.Browsing: client-server applications.
[5] https://www.jku.at/institut-integriert-studieren/

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