Re: [isabelle] export code checking OCaml: zarith not found

On 06/04/2021 13:48, Peter Lammich wrote:
> I'm trying to use the checking OCaml mode of export_code, but it fails
> with
> ocamlfind: Package `zarith' not found 
> Code check failed for OCaml: "$ISABELLE_OCAMLFIND" ocamlopt -w pu
> -package zarith -linkpkg </dev/null
> I have installed opam and ocamlfind, and added the path to ocamlfind
> and an eval $(opam env) to my ~/.isabelle/Isabelle2021/etc/settings
> file:

In principle it is meant to work via "isabelle ocaml_setup", which takes care
of opam by itself.

But opam is not very robust and has implicit dependencies that need to be
satisfied separately. E.g. on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, I have something like
libzarith-ocaml, libgmp-dev, m4 --- maybe more that I have forgotten.


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