Re: [isabelle] Editing the Isabelle Wiki

On 07/04/2021 18:12, Marco David wrote:
> Recently, I have found myself wanting to add something I newly learned to the
> community-managed Isabelle Cheat Sheet on the wiki, at
> Who is in charge of the wiki, and would it be possible to re-gain editing
> rights? Maybe one should even consider making edits much easier for people
> (even publicly accessible?) so that pages like the above Cheat Sheet or the
> "Tips and Tricks" page can continue to grow.

I can't remember a time when this experimental MediaWiki instance was actually
up-to-date, but I do remember an initial motivation to collect unconnected
snippets without ambitions to keep things in proper form.

> I'm convinced (as we also
> published previously) that this is one of the key tools, together with a
> database of questions on StackOverflow (rather than on this mailing list,
> maybe – although that's a different discussion), to make Isabelle accessible
> to newcomers, be it students or researchers of mathematics or computer science
> or yet other disciplines.

StackOverflow was once very hot, but has lost a lot of its initial appeal. The
really hot thing is now Zulip Chat.

But I don't want to participate in any real-time channel, and especially not
on an outsourced server where you don't "own your data".

Eventually, I would like to see just one place where all the relevant
information exchange happens.

A candidate for that is a self-hosted Discourse instance. I see more and more
such servers for high-end projects. But this is not for free: it requires
serious efforts to maintain the content and the community. (Like we do already
on this old-fashioned Mailman list.)

For example, see the combined Forum + Wiki of the extraordinary Caddy
Webserver project, which is a potential successor of both Apache and Nginx:

Or see the more conventional Nextcloud project with
rubriques like "News", "How to", "Support".


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