Re: [isabelle] Editing the Isabelle Wiki

Simon Wimmer and I started a GitHub repository [1] to replace the old wiki some time ago. If you want, you can put the content there. The repository is in need of better maintenance and more content, though.




On 07.04.21 18:12, Marco David wrote:
Dear all,

Recently, I have found myself wanting to add something I newly learned to the community-managed Isabelle Cheat Sheet on the wiki, at Two years ago, I used to have an account (which you need to edit) but my log-in doesn't work anymore. After searching a bit, I found the publicly available users list, which unfortunately only lists one default and one admin account.

Who is in charge of the wiki, and would it be possible to re-gain editing rights? Maybe one should even consider making edits much easier for people (even publicly accessible?) so that pages like the above Cheat Sheet or the "Tips and Tricks" page can continue to grow. I'm convinced (as we also published previously) that this is one of the key tools, together with a database of questions on StackOverflow (rather than on this mailing list, maybe – although that's a different discussion), to make Isabelle accessible to newcomers, be it students or researchers of mathematics or computer science or yet other disciplines.

Or, should the wiki be no longer maintained for good, is there an alternative where such content can be / will be statically hosted? Thanks in advance!

All the best,


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